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Professional help for companies in need!

"I have neither a past nor a future with the company, but I leave a future for the company behind."

My sole purpose is to help companies to survive.  In a "5-to 12- situation", where there seems no way out, the crisis manager is there to keep a cool head.

I don't do the job on my own. I need the help from management and employees to save the company, and not an army of consultants. I will (re)discover the talent within the company and will give them the confidence and tools to move forward again.

Major lay-offs are never the solution. They are expensive, demotivating and almost always have just a short-term effect. Saving a company is about long-term solutions. A company will rise again with a future perspective, for all the stakeholders: shareholders, employees, financiers and suppliers.

"Company doctor"

A  crisis manager works with a pair of tweezers, like a surgeon. Where necessary, he cuts away the rotten and sick parts to enable healthy growth. With feeling and understanding for the culture of the company he needs to show the best way forward to a new strategy. Changes are always necessary to create progress. This can only work if everyone in and around the company cooperates.

There are several names used in this line of business, they are all related to the work needed to steer a company into the right direction:

I use whatever is needed from these fields of experience in order to do my job, to help companies to survive and to give them a new future.


Crisis Management Management Coaching Restructuring & Turnaround Change Management